Influence Among the various forms of theatre from which it originated, Nohgaku flourished during the Muromachi period (14th-16th centuries) and went onto influence many performing arts and cultures. It has branched out into a wide range of genres, which are connected to Nohgaku in unexpected places across space and time.


Nohgaku has linkages to cultures that developed during the same period. It has influenced performing arts that later came into existence, as well as the establishment of words that are still used at present.

Connection to Muromachi culture
Connection to other performing arts
Connection to words


The seasons in which the works are set, the classical literature and historical events on which the works are based, and new works that connect Nohgaku to the contemporary world. These are just a few illustrations of how Nohgaku cuts across various intervals of time.

The impression of seasons created on stage
The world of the classics depicted in Nohgaku
The production of new works


In what kinds of places do the stories take place? There are areas with deep ties to Nohgaku’s formation all throughout Japan.

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Places associated with plays
Places associated with Nohgaku