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About This Site


  • For works performed in modern times, the names of the works and the names of their characters that are introduced on this website are in principle in conformity with the names utilized by the collection of productions of the Japan Arts Council’s Culture Digital Library.
  • This website is created based on information as of March 2017.
  • If the original text does not specify how the names of the work, characters, places, and/or other names should be read, this website utilizes spellings that are thought to be most appropriate based on various sources.


  • The translation of the play title and acts may vary by production.
  • In principle, proper nouns and other words shown in romanized Japanese without a translation are italicized. Romanized terms may be followed by their translations inside parentheses.

Passages in the Video

  • The passages published on this website are based on Yukahonshu [Collection of Librettos], a book published by the Japan Arts Council, with some changes made to the use of Japanese syllabary, conjugational endings added in kana after a kanji character, kanji character notation, punctuation marks, line breaks, etc.
  • The lines that are recited may be slightly different depending on the performer, and therefore, may not correspond exactly with the lines in the video on this website.
  • While the passages may contain certain expressions that are today considered inappropriate, this website respects and publishes the original version of the passages, except for some revisions and deletions.


  • All information on this website is copyrighted and is protected by Japanese copyright laws and international treaties.
  • Secondary use, including reproduction, diversion, public transmission, and/or distribution, of the information contained on this website without permission is prohibited.