To the Theatre

How do I watch?

Although there are no rules on what to wear or bring to a performance, there are some things you can do to make it an even more enjoyable experience.

Before you go

Nohgaku developed over 600 years ago, and it still retains elements of the original performance style. Especially with Noh, it is quite difficult to make out what the performers are saying, and you may not understand the story. So it’s a good idea to read the basic outline of the story and look over the commentary prior to watching a performance, as this will help you enjoy it even more.

Bangumi (order of the plays) and programs

The bangumi lists the series of plays and performers in a Nohgaku program. A traditional-style bangumi does not list the roles played by the actors, but the roles can be identified from the location in which the names of the actors are listed.

Viewing manners

There is no dress code for Nohgaku theatres. You should take your seat before the performance starts, and refrain from entering or leaving the theatre once it has started. Please refrain from speaking or making sound, or cause a disturbance to other audience members. Eating or drinking once you are seated, and taking pictures of or recording the performance, are not permitted. Also, please switch off your mobile phone before the performance begins.