To the Theatre

What will I watch?

A program can consist of various plays and often include seasonal plays.

Program composition

Generally, each Noh play lasts around 90 minutes, and each Kyogen play lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes. Celebratory and special-themed performances usually comprise of five Noh plays and four Kyogen plays, with a special act at the beginning called “Okina,” a type of divine piece. As a full Nohgaku performance takes the whole day to complete, presently many theatres run shorter programs consisting of one to two Noh plays and one Kyogen play. Seasonal plays are often selected, so we recommend watching a performance and enjoy Japan’s four seasons.

Performances for beginners

There are many introductory productions held for people who have never seen Nohgaku before. For instance, the National Noh Theatre holds performances for beginners consisting of explanations, as well as the Discover NOH & KYOGEN performances for foreigners.