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The Disorderly Tipster Sprite
The Disorderly Tipster Sprite (April 24, 2002. Special planned performance. Shite: Hisanori Kongo)
* The shite wears an aka-gashira wig, the Shojo mask, a red ground karaori robe, and scarlet okuchi.

The Goblin of Mt. Kurama, The Demon and the Maple Viewing, The Field Ranger, The Dragon God of Kasuga Shrine, Minister of the Left Toru, The Pearl Diver, The Lion on the Stone Bridge, The Tipster Sprite, etc.

Fifth-group Noh are called Ending Noh (kiri no), and all of them have a quick tempo and employ the large stick drum (taiko). All the plays in this group have as their main characters goblins, demons, dragon gods, or some supernatural beast, although there are some plays in which the hero is a nobleman or that contain many auspicious phrases.

The Tipster Sprite (Shojo) is a play built upon very auspicious words. It takes place in a village on the Yangtze in China. An sprite (shite) who lives in the sea comes before a man named Gao-feng (waki), a wine seller with much filial piety. The sprite gets drunk and enjoys himself by dancing, after which, the man learns that he has received a blessing: no matter how much wine he dips out of the vat, it never runs dry. When the play is performed with a special dance called Midare ("Disorder"), the play is called Shojo Midare (The Disorderly Tipster Sprite), or just Midare.

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