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The Madwoman at the Sumida River
The Madwoman at the Sumida River (May 22, 2003. Planned performance. Shite: Yasutsugu Kagawa)
* The shite wears a Fukai mask and a nuihaku inner robe without red, covered by a mizu-goromo.

The Mad Dancer Hyakuman, The Madwoman at the Sumida River, The Courting of Komachi, The Birds of Sorrow, The Pillow of Han-tan, The Barrier of Ataka, The Layman Jinen, The Lady Aoi, The Demon of Dojoji, The Fulling Block, etc.

Fourth-group Noh are also called Miscellaneous Noh because they include a variety of different types of plays.

The Madwoman at the Sumida River (Sumidagawa) was written by Zeami's son, Motomasa, who died an untimely death. Act 1: A mother (shite) travels to the Sumida River in the eastern lands in search of her son, who had been captured by slave traders. When she tells her tale to the ferryman (waki), he tells her of her son's death. When the mother prays before his grave, she sees his spirit before her, but when she tries to touch him, he disappears as the day dawns. This is one of many Madness Noh (monogurui no), in which the main character grieves over a forced parting with a loved one.

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