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Okina Masks
Hakushiki-jo; Nikushiki-jo; Kokushiki-jo; Chichi-no-jo; Enmei Kaja

These masks were used by Sarugaku troupes when they performed Okina Sarugaku, before Noh was given its final form. Because they were used in sacred prayer rituals, there are even today some shrines that have enshrined them as objects of worship. Each one of these masks expresses rich laughter, and all except Enmei Kaja portray an old god, and display special features, such as the separate jaw part, and the form of the eyes and eyebrows. Used in the play Okina, the Hakushiki-jo and Nikushiki-jo are normally used for the main role of Okina, while the Kokushiki-jo is used by the Kyogen actor for the part of Sanbaso, but the Chichi-no-jo and Enmei Kaja masks are sometimes used in special performances.

The Okina Masks
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