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Karaori: Red-and-white check ground with flower-and-raft motif
Karaori: Black-and-brown check ground with autumn grass motif

The small-sleeved karaori robes are mainly used as under robes for women characters. They are robes in which embroidery has been added in threads of many colors, including silver and gold, over the woven designs, so one characteristic is that the designs stand out in relief.

In general, women's costumes are divided into two categories: those employing the color red in them (iro-iri, "with red"), and those without any red at all (iro-nashi, "without red"), and this concept is carried over into all aspects of costuming―even as far as the color of wig bands, fans, and the lining of the robes. The idea operates according to the role, so that, usually, a young woman wearing a Ko-omote or Magojiro mask will be clothed in a robe having much red, while a middle-aged woman wearing a Fukai or Shakumi mask will be dressed in a robe without any red.

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