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Nuihaku: Black ground with several circular designs
Surihaku: White ground, with maple-leaf motif on stylized wave pattern

The small-sleeved nuihaku is mostly used either wrapped around the waist of a female character of lower rank, or as an under robe for an elegant, refined male character. Its special characteristic is that numerous patterns are embossed in gold and silver and embroidered in many colors on the robe. A black nuihaku with many circular designs is often worn by demonic women, as in The Lady Aoi and The Demon of Dojoji.

Surihaku robes are often used as under robes for female characters, the most common type being a white robe with a pattern embossed in either gold or silver. It is usually in a "dewy grass" pattern, but sometimes the pattern consists of a series of embossed triangles that are all joined together, which is reminiscent of scales and is used for demonic women.

Outer Robes (Karaori)
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