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Kyogen: The Monkey-Skin Quiver
From: Illustrated Scroll of Noh and Kyogen
Kyogen: The Monkey-Skin Quiver

The costumes of Kyogen are patterned after the clothing of the ordinary people of medieval times; they are simple, yet incorporate many unconventional shapes and designs. Compared with the sumptuous weave of the elegant Noh costumes, the costumes in Kyogen are mostly dyed in light, attractive patterns. Costuming is determined based upon the type of character to be portrayed. Typical Kyogen costumes are those shown below.

Kyogen costumes (Coll. National Noh Theatre, etc.)

Outer robes (over robes): Kyogen kataginu, jutoku, naga-goromo, kaki-baori

Main robes (inner robes): Shima-noshime

Trousers (hakama): Kyogen-bakama, naga-kami-shimo, monpa

Other: various types of zukin, binan-boshi

The Costumes of Kyogen
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