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"The Imperial Visit to Ohara"
From: Annotated Chant Book of Kanze Tadachika (1566-1626).Text of "The Imperial Visit to Ohara"

The period of civil strife was subdued by Oda Nobunaga (1534|82), who was friendly toward the world of Noh. He was succeeded by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537|98), who was an enthusiastic fan of Noh. As Hideyoshi was taught by an actor of the Konparu troupe, he established a system to preserve and foster the four Yamato Sarugaku troupes, and consolidated all troupes all over the country into those four main troupes. In addition, the robes used in Noh became more sumptuous under the influence of the gorgeous splendor of the Momoyama culture, the form of the Noh stage was established\in fact, the forms of almost all the masks used in Noh today emerged at that time as well.

In Kyogen, too, large schools based on lineage formed, and the flexible, improvisational aspect of the art came to an end. For Noh and Kyogen, this period was a time of great change.

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