Invitation to Kabuki - Guidance for Kabuki appreciation
Kabuki repertoire
Kabuki dramaturgy
Kabuki works were written by professional dramatists called Kyogen-sakusha until Shin-kabuki (new Kabuki) began to be written by the authors and the dramatists from outside Kabuki in the Meiji period. Kabuki dramaturgy written by Kyogen-sakusha will be outlined here.
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Eminent playwrights
Three dramatists: Chikamatsu Monzaemon, Tsuruya Namboku 4th, and Kawatake Mokuami, whose names are known to the general public even today, will be discussed here.
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Classification of repertoire
There are various ways to classify the Kabuki repertoire. The classification here uses 2 representative sections.
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Representative repertoire items
Representative repertoire items frequently performed are explained here under 2 headings: "Introduction of work" and "Distinctive expressions."
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