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Expression in Kabuki
Chunori (midair performance)
Chunori is the dramatic techniques of an actor is suspended in midair and moves over the stage and audience seats. This is done for unreal roles such as ghosts, apparitions, foxes, etc. In the Edo period, the body of the actor was suspended using ropes, but at present, the Chunori technique has been improved. It now uses steel wires and is carried out with consideration of safety. The character ascends from the section where the Hanamichi meets the stage and moves to the audience seats on the third floor. This is the orthodox dramatic technique.
The image shows the Chunori by Genkurogitsune carried out as the Makugire (end of act) of the 'Kawatsura hogen yakata' scene of "Yoshitsune sembonzakura."
The setting of this Makugire is that after Genkurogitsune has defeated his enemies by using his supernatural power, he receives a tsuzumi (hand drum) made from the skins of parents, and then flies away. When this scene is performed using Chunori, the situation in which Genkurogitsune is flying away, using his supernatural power, showing his great joy after receiving the tsuzumi, can be expressed effectively.

Chunori Genkurogitsune played by Ichikawa Ukon, "Yoshitsune sembonzakura" 'Kawatsura hogen yakata' scene, July 2005