Invitation to Kabuki - Guidance for Kabuki appreciation
Expression in Kabuki
Distinctive expressions
Hikinuki Chunori Tachimawari Roppo
Mie Ningyoburi Kurogo Kabuki maku
Representative and distinctive items among the matters determined from the viewpoint of dramatic techniques and expression which are peculiar to Kabuki, are explained here.

Among the above, the 3 items: "Hikinuki," "Chunori" and "Ningyoburi" together are generally called "Keren." Keren means striking acting and dramatic techniques which emphasize visual appeal."Keren" means extremely flashy special effects or action, with emphasis on visual effects, outside the bounds of proper acting techniques.
However, when Keren is needed to express the characteristics of a work or roles, it has a great effect because it appeals directly to audience's senses.
Other examples of Keren are Hayagawari in which an actor instantly changes to another role, Yatai-kuzushi in which the stage set showing a building is collapsed on stage while the audience watches, and Gattari in which the mage (chignon) of a wig is instantly collapsed.